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DKII has embarked on an Oral History project with stories from more than 75 friends, family, colleagues, and former staff members in Hawaii, Washington, DC, throughout our nation and the world.   These wonderful conversations help to tell the story of Dan Inouye, adding much color, emotion and context to his papers which are at the University of Hawaii’s Hamilton Library.

Archives & Papers

‘Ulu’ulu Senator Daniel K. Inouye Oral History Project

The Daniel K. Inouye Institute’s Oral History Project was a chance for people who knew Inouye well to relay their experience as a friend and colleague. This theme showcases a selection of interviews honoring the life of the late Senator.

Hawaii Congressional Papers Collection – Daniel K. Inouye

The Senator Daniel K. Inouye Papers encompasses records that document aspects of his personal life and political career. The political records in this collection follow Senator Inouye’s campaign for the House of Representatives through his tenure in the United States Senate.

The Stevens Inouye Friendship

By: Mr. Charlie Houy
A staff member of the Senate Appropriations Committee  from 1983 until 2013 and worked first for Senator Stevens and then for Senator Inouye.

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